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Auto Side Door Window Repair & Replacement in Rochester, NY

If you get a chip or crack on your car's side window, you may delay getting it repaired. After all, your side window isn't as important as your windshield, right?

But if you don't get your broken side window repaired, consider how difficult it will be to see traffic through that window. Plus, a broken window is a safety hazard-it could shatter under pressure.

Take care of your broken side window right away with car door window repair in Rochester, NY. At FB Glass, we can evaluate your window and decide whether to repair it or replace it with strong, durable auto glass.

Side Window Repair

If our technicians determine the chip or crack on your window is minor enough for repair, we follow a comprehensive repair process:
  1. Drill out the center of the crack with a high-speed drill.
  2. Remove glass residue.
  3. Inject sealant on the crack.
  4. Apply UV light to dry the sealant.
  5. Remove the residue and clean the area with glass cleaner.
With our years of experience and advanced equipment, we're able to quickly fix your side window chip or crack with a window repair.

Side Window Replacement

If the crack or chip is too large or extensive for repair, we'll quickly replace your car glass with the following process:
  1. Remove the broken glass.
  2. Remove the door panel to get rid of any glass inside.
  3. Insert a new side window and seal it in place.
  4. Test the window to make sure it works. 
  5. Replace the door panel.
With more than 40 years of car door window replacement experience, we'll make sure your new side window avoids future damage.

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Don't let your broken side window endanger your driving in Rochester, NY. Call us at 585-441-1209 today for a free estimate.
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