Side Mirror Repair

Auto Side Mirror Repair & Replacement in Rochester, NY

In a brief moment of distraction, you drove too closely to the garage. Though most of your car came away unscathed, your side view mirror took a powerful blow. The glass shattered completely, and the mounting bracket ripped away from the rest of your car.

Rather than try to drive with your rearview mirror alone, call the experts at FB Glass. We excel at replacing automotive glass, and we offer side mirror repair to car owners throughout Rochester, NY.  

Avoid the Ticket

In Rochester, NY, traffic laws dictate that every passenger vehicle needs to have an adjustable side view mirror. This mirror must attach to the driver's side (the left side) of the vehicle, and it has to provide an unobstructed view of the road. If you drive without a side view mirror, or with a damaged mirror that interferes with your view, you could face a ticket for traffic violations.

To save you money, we provide side mirror replacement so you don't have to worry about potential ticket fines and legal fees. If you simply cracked the glass, we can fit a new mirror to your car's original housing. Or if you damaged the entire mirror, we can reattach a new unit for an affordable price.  

Call to Schedule Repairs

The team at FB Glass has over 40 years of auto glass installation, so we can provide side mirror repair quickly and efficiently. And when you bring your car to our shop, we can repair or replace any other damaged glass on your vehicle, from your windows to your headlights.

If you would like us to fix your mirror, call our Rochester, NY office at (585) 441-1209 or fill out our contact form. We'll give you a free estimate for our services as well as help you with your car insurance claim.

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