Rear Backglass

Rear Backglass Repair & Replacement in Rochester, NY

Your rear backglass, like your front windshield, protects you from the elements and muffles the noise from traffic. And like your front windshield, your rear window can crack or shatter for a variety of reasons: thrown rocks, road debris, broken tree branches, and collision accidents.

But unlike your front windshield, your rear backglass relies on tempered glass rather than laminated safety glass. When an object strikes tempered glass, the window shatters into small pieces. These pieces should have a dull edge, so you don't have worry about injury. But as a result, you do have to replace the entire window instead of fixing one small chip or crack.

If you need a rear backglass replacement, call the crew at FB Glass in Rochester, NY. As glass repair experts, we can quickly repair your window for an affordable price.

Restore Your Car After an Accident

When you come to our shop for rear backglass repair, you can expect our technicians to inspect the damage carefully and remove any shards or broken pieces from your vehicle.

From there, we'll locate a replacement rear window for your car's specific make or model, and we'll prep your car for the new installation by removing the seals that previously held your window in place. We'll apply primer to your vehicle and bonding glue to the glass to create a tight seal and proper fit.

The entire process usually takes less than an hour so you won't have to wait long to return to your everyday activities in Rochester, NY.

Call Us to Book an Appointment

At FB Glass, we love to serve Rochester, NY residents and those in the surrounding areas. To ensure your satisfaction, we only use leading glass products, and we will even contact your insurance company to help you with your claim.

If your rear window has suffered any kind of damage, call 585-441-1209 to book your rear backglass replacement. 
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