New and Used Auto Glass

New & Used Auto Glass in Lincoln, NE

If you need auto glass replacement, you may wonder about your options. Used auto glass is more affordable than new auto glass, but is it the right choice?

At FB Glass, we want you to have the safest, highest quality, and most affordable new and used auto glass in Rochester, NY. Learn more about our new and used auto glass services so you can make the best decision.

New Versus Used Glass

Used auto glass is much more affordable than new auto glass. We obtain our used auto glass from out-of service cars, and we inspect the glass to make sure it is in good condition before installing it on your vehicle.

Used auto glass may be a good option for many applications, including side windows, back lights (rear windshields), door glass, and quarter glass.

However, used auto glass is not the best choice for every application. If you need a new windshield, we recommend new auto glass. Used windshield's edges can get chipped during the removal process. Over time, these chips can cause the glass to crack, which is extremely dangerous.

After all, your windshield is a great protection during an accident. A well-built, new windshield can prevent you from getting thrown from the car. It also can better resist shattering, thereby protecting you from getting cut by the glass.

New and Used Glass Installation

Both new and used auto glass is securely installed by our expert technicians. First, our technicians use their specialized equipment to safely remove the old glass. Then, they fit the new glass in the opening and use a special adhesive to secure the replacement glass in place.

If you're deciding between new and used auto glass, call our Rochester, NY Company and we can advise you on the best decision. Call us at (585) 441-1209 for an appointment.

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